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50 Top Indie Author Podcasts for 2018. Listen now

Money Should Flow to the Author by John Doppler  Read here.

Independent Magazines

Some of Stack Magazines' Favorite Independent Magazines that Use Illustration Creatively. Read About 12 Different Indie Mags.  

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Comic Strip:

Sunny Side Up: A Webcomic by James Robert Boyd and Saad Azim

Check Out Boyd Comics

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Breakout Shorts: Are you an indie filmmaker? Do you have a short film or documentary? We even accept short screenplays! The competition can’t be missed with $1,750 in cash prizes! Submit now.

Listen to the Dave Bullis Podcast: Episode 193 – Entering Screenwriting Competitions with Kristin Overn.

Listen to the Indie Film Hustle Podcast

Game Development:

10 Animation and Game Design Podcasts Click for info.


Pre-order Full Nelson and you get 3 tracks instantly. Order here.

Little Indie's Top 10 Must Sees at Bushstock Festival

Camden Rocks Kicks Arse by Simon Reed
Read Here

Pitchfork Music Festival July 20-22, 2018: The internationally recognized Pitchfork Music Festival presents 40+ bands over the course of three days each summer in Chicago's Union Park. The festival highlights the best in new and emerging music. Since 2006, this independently run festival has consistently proven to be one of the most welcoming, comfortable, reasonably priced, and rewarding weekends of music around. Read for more info and tickets.

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