Monday, October 1, 2018



Pricing: Are You Making Money From Your Words? Pricing for Print and Ebooks by Just Publishing Advice. Read article.

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Independent Publisher's six book award contests: the IPPYs, the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards, the Illumination Book Awards, the Axiom Business Book Awards, the Living Now Awards and the eLit Awards. Details for contests. Follow Independent Publisher Magazine on Twitter

Comic Strip Cartoonist Magazine #8
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CALL FOR ENTRIES: FirstGlance Film Fest Los Angeles. Celebrating Filmmakers for 21 Years! Details of film festival. Follow FirstGlance on Twitter

Top 40 Independent Film Blogs, News Websites & Newsletters in 2018. Read here.

Game Developers:

Indie Video Games is now on Patreon! Starting at $1/month, you can get lots of marketing help from us!  More info. Follow Indie Video Games on Twitter 


Interview: Robert Glendinning from Bad Touch is Interviewed in the New Issue of Guitar Techniques. Order Magazine Here. New Album 'Shake A Leg' out October 5th. Follow Bad Touch on Twitter.

BBC Introducing: Check Out This Playlist Made Up of Some of BBC Introducing's Success Stories. Read Here. Follow on Twitter.

Dirty Rats are a Melbourne Based Four Piece Old School Hard Rock Band. Listen to music.  Follow on Twitter