Saturday, November 25, 2017

Indie Mag Awards Part-2, Reviews for Breathe Easy and the Montreal International Game Summit

Indie Magazine Awards Part 2:
Find out why print indie magazines are so compelling. Check out highlights from this year's Stack Awards. 400 entries whittled down to a shortlist of 111 titles from 48 cities around the world. And the Winners are...

Authors and Books:

Tune in to the radio show that interviews authors of fantasy, science fiction and horror. Listen to Speculative Fiction Cantina and other shows at Writestream Radio.


Holidaze: The All-Krampus Spectacular 

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Krampus is the hooved and horned being that’s often seen as the antithesis of Santa Claus, punishing the wicked children of the world, be it beating them with birch rods, dipping them in ink, or carrying them off to the underworld in a wicker basket.
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Breathe Easy
The clouds came and people changed! Everywhere! Our world is on fire! In every city and every town! Stay safe, protect what's yours! And Breathe Easy. Here's a collection of reviews for the global collaborative film Breathe Easy that was shot last year by 20 Directors in 10 Countries.

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Game Development: 
Montreal International Game Summit
The biggest professional video games industry event on the American East Coast. December 11-13. Visit website.

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Indie Music Channel
Go to the Indie Music Channel to find music, videos, info and more on singers and bands from around the world.

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