Tuesday, May 1, 2018


New Generation of Food Magazines: Indie Publishers with a Shoestring Budget- Read New York Times Article.

Listen to the podcast that speaks to magazine makers every week.

Learn self-publishing tips on  Lulu University. Watch now. Follow Lulu on Twitter.

View all finalists in the 2017 Foreword Reviews Indies Book of the Year Awards. Winners will be announced June 15. Follow on Twitter.

Indie Bookfest celebrates indie, hybrid and traditional authors and artists and their freedom of expression. Join some of your favorite authors for a convention filled with workshops, panels, parties and more! You won’t want to miss the sessions throughout the day, where several panelists will be speaking on a variety of topics relevant to readers, book lovers and writers. Orlando, Florida. August 9th-12th 2018. More info.


June and July Releases from Alterna Comics

Click here for more info on upcoming publications.

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Last Stand to Nowhere is a short film re-imagining of the Gunfight at the OK Corral with an all-female cast. Filming starts first week of May. Follow the project on Twitter.

Podcast. Imagine a free film school where each week you have a different teacher. Listen to the Dave Bullis podcast. Follow Dave on Twitter

Call for Entries
Regular Deadline- June 21, 2018
Late Deadline- July 21 2018

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9th Annual Indie Series Awards: Complete list of winners

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Indie Game Alliance: A guild of 800+ indie tabletop publishers. Offers a global demo team, member discounts, convention presence & much more. Join the Indie Game Alliance.
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 Fire Tower by Runaway Parade on Kickstarter

 MOONSHOT - The Spaceship Racing and Wagering Tabletop Game on Kickstarter 

 The Pirate's Flag - A Capture the Flag Board Game by CardLords id crowdfunding on Kickstarter 

Find other  tabletop games promoted by Indie Game Alliance

Indie Music Bus: Have bloggers write about your music or events. More info.

Paul Miro is taking pre-orders for Sinombr√© vol 2 now. All pre-orders will receive a free full-color lyric book pdf. Order exclusives, while they last. Campaign is open until July 2nd 2018.  Pledge now.
Check out video All Hope Is Gone.
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Tequila Mockingbird video I Smell Rock 'n Roll .
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Watch new Carlos Wilde video When Your Sun Sleeps
Read interview with musician
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Sunday, April 1, 2018


Two indie platforms are partnering to help authors produce audiobooks at affordable prices Read Here. -By Shannon Liao 

The Martian: How a Self-Published Author Went from 99¢ ebook to Movie Blockbuster Read Here. -By Scott Lorenz. Follow Scott on Twitter.

Here's an invitation for all indie authors to attend ALLi's free 24-hour Selfpublishing Advice Conference on 14 April. Check it out. Follow Alliance of Independent Authors on Twitter

IAN Book of the Year Awards
First place fiction & first place nonfiction win $1,500. More info about contest.Check out 2017 Award Winners. Follow IAN on Twitter.

Book Expo of America (BEA) Book Fair
May 30-June 1. Read for details.

London Book Fair
April 10-12. Details here.

The Talkbooks Author Event
April 14, Burlington, Ma. More info.

Upcoming Indie Publishing/Self-publishing Conferences and Workshops 2018
Click for List


Siren's Calling: Enter a film noir world of fedora-flaunting filmmakers & dames to die for. It’s 1947, and a mythic siren has Hollywood ambitions far beyond devouring her leading man. Sultry siren Lorie Lye yearns to give up her man-eating ways and become an actress. By John Trigonis and Lauren Clemente. DM John Trigonis for copies of 1st & 2nd issues.

Join me in backing the band Under A Banner and their new Riot EP project

Pledge Now

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 FirstGlance Short Online Contest

WATCH and vote for amazing shorts as part of the First Glance Online Short Film Contest hosted by It's a Short and FirstGlance2018. It's free. Vote everyday.

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 Film Festival Philadelphia
Call for entries. Submit scifi, horror, fantasy and comedy. Licensing deals offered to science fiction, short films and webseries. Submit your film.

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LowDown Film Festival

Got a short film or short films? Want to put it up for the UK's newest, most unique film festival for FREE? 150 submissions so far! Submission info.

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Space and Time Film Festival

Does your indie film or screenplay relate to the theme of space and/or time? Filmmakers: Submit today!

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Game Development:

Google Play Indie Games Contest- The second Google Play Indie Games Contest in Europe. 20 finalists came from 12 countries to showcase their games. Check out winners and finalists.

Market Indie Games

@IndieVideoGames is now on Patreon! Market your game for as little as $1 a month. More info.
Wild Mage

Wild Mage - Phantom Twilight is a multiplayer, open-world action RPG made for small team based adventures, featuring airships, floating islands, dungeons, and next-gen combat. Monsters can be dynamically sliced into pieces. Terrain and structures can be altered or destroyed. Abilities and spells can be acquired from monsters and lore books. A game that reimagines the genre. Watch for Kickstarter campaign May 1st, 2018. Game details.

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AIM- Association of Independent Music. Supporting the UK's independent music companies. AIM is a trade body established in 1999 to provide a collective voice for the UK’s indie music industry. AIM represents over 800 member companies, from the largest and most respected labels in the world, to small start-ups and individual artists releasing their own music for the first time. Click here for more info.

Indie Music Podcasts Discover new music.

Indie Grits announces an ambitiously expanded music lineup for April 2018 festival. Read here.
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Thursday, March 1, 2018



Indie Author Day
On this one day, libraries around the world welcome their local indie authors in for a day of education, networking, mingling, writing, open mics, panels and much more! While programs are supported by key Indie Author Day sponsors, all of which are leaders in the publishing industry, each library’s event has a distinctly local flair. Register Now for Indie Author Event on October 13, 2018.

The 2018 Pittsburgh Writing Workshop: March 24
This writing event is a wonderful opportunity to get intense instruction over the course of one day, pitch a literary agent or editor (optional), get your questions answered, and more. Click Here For More Info.

A new publication for the comic arts. Comic Strip Cartoonist available in print and PDF   

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Films and Festivals:

Watch and vote for amazing shorts as part of the FirstGlance2018 Online Short Film Contest hosted by It's a Short. It's free. Vote everyday.

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NOW accepting film submissions for #OtherWorlds2018 through @FilmFreeway. Submissions are open to features, shorts & fan films in both the sciFi & horror genre. The early bird deadline for film submissions is March 31st. More info.


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Two cupids must team up to face one of the greatest challenges of modern times: Getting two strangers to talk to each other! Short film. Comedy.

Watch Cupids

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Film Festival Los Angeles 
40 amazing indie films screening over one weekend! FirstGlance Film Festival, Los Angeles. March 8-11. Check out all the nominated films you can see at FirstGlance. 

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 Film Festival Philadelphia
Call for entries opens March 21. Submit scifi, horror, fantasy and comedy. Licensing deals offered to science fiction, short films and webseries. Submit your film.
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Game Developers:

Independent Games Summit- Hear from the best and brightest indie game creators in the Independent Games Summit, Monday and Tuesday March 19-20, 2018. Attend lectures, postmortems representing diverse voices, experiences and perspectives, including many former and current Independent Games Festival finalists and winners. More info.

Moonshoot is the fun and educational astronomy game developed by Snare Studios.

For More Info Follow on Twitter

Prism Wars

Prism Wars is a collection of quick, fun, classically-inspired arcade games that you can play alone or against anyone in the world.


Help the band make new music and earn rewards. Lots of cool perks to choose from when you back this project. Pledge now to support new music by Under A Banner.

Watch Light Breaks Through from the Riot EP

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018


How Indie Genre Fiction Ebooks Are Thriving Online. Read article from Forbes.

Check out Indipenned founder Mel Small's interview with Laurence O'Bryan of BooksGoSocial. Read here.

Business for Authors: How to Be an Author Entrepreneur. An Interview With Joanna Penn.


Boston Metaphysical- The Scourge of the Mechanical Men

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Free Daily Short
Tweeting a different free short film to their followers every day! Send them your short film to retweet.

Free Daily Short Website 

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Heckler Kane Creations- Weekly interviews with directors, actors, producers, musicians and creative talent.

Heckler Kane Creations is an independent film production company established in 2010. As film enthusiasts and supporters of indie film, The Imperfect Podcast was born to help film makers, actors screenwriters and creative talent that embrace the indie spirit share their stories about independent film making.

Heckler Cane Website 

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Use the hashtag #SupportIndieFilm to promote your film. Boost the signal and RT others using it. Join the Revolution! Use the image. DM FirstGlance Films and become part of the global supportindiefilm initiative.

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 18th Annual FirstGlance Film Festival

Read more about event here
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Game Development:

ClemmyGames: The Best of Indie Games

ClemmyGames Website

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Edamame Reviews 

Edamame Reviews - Connecting players with awesome iOS and Android games every day! Submit game for review.

Edamame Reviews Website 

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Indie-Con 2018 is now fast approaching . Get your tickets now to the the only conference in the UK to focus specifically on meeting the business needs of independent labels and self-releasing artists. 
Check out Indie-Con Website
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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Indie 2018


The World’s Awakening to Independent Magazines
Founder of MagCulture, Jeremy Leslie talked to Zetteler about magazine publishers. Read interview here.

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Free Indie Book Reviews
Indipenned is looking for great independently published books to review. Review requests for all genres welcome. Click here for more information.

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The Small Publishers, Artists &Writers Network (SPAWN)
SPAWN provides information, resources and opportunities for anyone involved or interested in publishing, whether they are an author, freelance writer, artist or own a publishing company. SPAWN website.

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Smarter Artist Summit 
February 26 and 27th, authors and publishing experts from around the world meet in Austin, Texas. For more info check out their website



A new publication for the comic arts. Winter issue of Comic Strip Cartoonist now available in print and PDF.
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Comic Book Artists:
Alterna Comics is looking to expand their digital catalog for 2018. Do you think your comic would make a great fit? Submit here.

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Join the Revolution! Use #SupportIndieFilm to promote your indie film and webseries tweets. RT and share others who use it! It's easy and it reaches millions everyday!

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The Dave Bullis Podcast
An award winning filmmaking and TV podcast. Imagine a free film school where each week you have a different teacher. Listen now.

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Game Developers:


Share your indie game screenshots, concept art, and music with their weekly features. Submit your work here.

IndieCade East 

International Festival of Independent Games February 16-18. Read more about the 11th Annual Event.

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Submit Your Music to 100 Blogs
One of your biggest challenges as a musician is getting heard. This free list will assist you in connecting with influencers and reviewers. Be sure to read the notes provided that detail guidelines and other useful info about specific music bloggers. 100 Music Blogs.

Vern Daysel
"Bone-rattling blues-inflected southern rock that’s insanely intense."
New album Blood of a Wolfe is out now. Watch lyric video for Letting Go and get your free album download.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Indie Artists Magazine Coalition Award, Image Expo 2018 and the 9th Annual Indie Series Awards

Indie Artists Magazines Coalition Award
Carlos Wilde is an eclectic and versatile singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composing in a wide range of music genres. Read about Carlos and his music.

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Listen and buy music at Bandcamp  

 Check Out Other Winners

Read Indie Artist Magazine
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Purchase your tickets for the February 21, 2018 event in Portland, Oregon. Image Expo 2018 is an opportunity for fans to meet artists and writers of their favorite creator-owned comics. In 1992, Image Comics changed the face of the comic book industry and now—more than 25 years later—Image Comics continues to inspire creativity and foster innovation.

Image Comics Website

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If you missed our regular entry deadline, you still have time to submit your webseries for #ISA9. The extended entry period runs through December 31. No submissions will be accepted after that date. Nominees will be revealed on January 31. Submission info.


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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Indie Mag Awards Part-2, Reviews for Breathe Easy and the Montreal International Game Summit

Indie Magazine Awards Part 2:
Find out why print indie magazines are so compelling. Check out highlights from this year's Stack Awards. 400 entries whittled down to a shortlist of 111 titles from 48 cities around the world. And the Winners are...

Authors and Books:

Tune in to the radio show that interviews authors of fantasy, science fiction and horror. Listen to Speculative Fiction Cantina and other shows at Writestream Radio.


Holidaze: The All-Krampus Spectacular 

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Krampus is the hooved and horned being that’s often seen as the antithesis of Santa Claus, punishing the wicked children of the world, be it beating them with birch rods, dipping them in ink, or carrying them off to the underworld in a wicker basket.
Join me in backing this project on Kickstarter 

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Breathe Easy
The clouds came and people changed! Everywhere! Our world is on fire! In every city and every town! Stay safe, protect what's yours! And Breathe Easy. Here's a collection of reviews for the global collaborative film Breathe Easy that was shot last year by 20 Directors in 10 Countries.

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Game Development: 
Montreal International Game Summit
The biggest professional video games industry event on the American East Coast. December 11-13. Visit website.

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Indie Music Channel
Go to the Indie Music Channel to find music, videos, info and more on singers and bands from around the world.